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  1. Filter items by tag with plain Javascript

    I wanted a way to filter items by tag on the front-end and decided to build a quick demo. Here I'll talk through some decisions I ended up making and show you how to implement something like this in your own project.

  2. Get a single item from an 11ty collection

    Sometimes, you might need to get a single item from an 11ty collection to display information about that page inside of another. Here's a little filter you can add that will help you do this.

  3. Skip template evaluation in code blocks

    In my last post, I needed to show some njk syntax as a code example, but 11ty kept trying to evaluate the njk instead of displaying it. In this post, I'll show how I got around this with shortcodes

  4. 11ty - Previous and Next links

    Linking to pervious and next post in a collection is a somewhat common feature that I didn't need until recently. It took me a little bit to work out how to do it since the docs were a little ambiguous, so let's build it together using 11ty collections.

  5. Displaying Git info on the command prompt

    Let's look at how to display Git information as a part of the ZSH prompt.

  6. Customizing ZSH

    Creating a custom terminal experience is something of a rite of passage for software developers, especially those who use the terminal every day. In this post, I take a tour through my current setup.

  7. Resizing a MacOS window with the Shortcuts app

    If you ever record or share your screen you may have wanted to get the window you were sharing to be a specific size or aspect ratio. Let's look at how to achieve this with Shortcuts.

  8. Working with 11ty Collections

    Create complex and nested collections to handle multiple taxonomies in a site built with 11ty

  9. Making a leather discbound notebook cover

    My custom discbound notebook has been a project of mine for a few years. I’ve tried all kinds of covers, both homemade and store-purchased, but none of them ever felt special or personal. Making a leather cover had been in the back of my mind for quite a while, so let's make one.

  10. Getting Started with Plausible

    Plausible is a fantastic alternative to existing JS based analytics solutions. Inexpensive, lightning fast, and build around privacy.

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