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  1. Code Comments Revisited

    Back in 2019 I made a post about a code comment plugin I had found for VS Code, and how I configured it to fit my needs. Today I wanted to expand on that to show how I go about commenting my code in general.

  2. Resizing a MacOS window with the Shortcuts app

    If you ever record or share your screen you may have wanted to get the window you were sharing to be a specific size or aspect ratio. Let's look at how to achieve this with Shortcuts.

  3. CSS Organization

    While researching best practices of CSS organization this past year for a huge UI project at work, I ran across several ideas and strategies to solve this problem. My goal here is to digest these ideas and formulate a more comprehensive approach to organizing CSS.

  4. Code Comment Anchors

    One of the really cool plugins I found for VS Code is this tool called Comment Anchors. It’s a way of adding more visible, meaningful comments to your code. I’m a really big fan of writing documentation in the code itself, so its nice to have a way to highlight the most important notes.

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