I like stationary and making stuff with paper. I also love being organized, and wasing as much time as possible to become organized. This pair of traits led me to creating these task cards. I should also say these are heavily inspired by Analog.

The Today card has a short list of actionable items, designed to help you focus on just a handful of key priorities. It has a little area for notes under the tasks, as well as a pomodoro tracker.

The pomodoro technique is where you work for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. You repeat this for 4 sets of working segments then take a 30 mintue break.

The Next card is to help organize whats on the horizon. Maybe these are tasks that need your attention, but they're not designated for today.

The Someday card is for items you need to remember or get around to at some point, but they generally have no deadline and are not critical.

Every card features a dot grid back for notes.

You can download the printable PDF here