Objects §

I've always thought the objects people keep near them can tell a lot about the person. So here's my current setup for my every day gear.

What's in my bag? §

photo of my bag's contents

I keep a small travel notebook, of no particular brand, to capture quick sketches and ideas. I'm currently thinking aout making a smaller version of my main notebook (shown below) for this purpose in the future though.

Combined with this little notebook is a Lilliput extra fine fountain pen. I've grown to really enjoy writing with a fountain pen and this one is my favorite. You can pick it up on JetPens, but if you live in the Birmingham AL area, I'd recommend going down to Forstall to get one.

Next up is my Kodak Ektar. Its a fun little analogue camera for film photography. My parents got this one for me as a present toward the end of 2023.

I love tarot and had been looking for a good travel set for a long time. Stardust is a mini tarot deck that fits perfectly in my bag. Though I still prefer my True Black deck at home.

Next we have my knife, its a Civivi Elemental with some wood scales. Its been a trusty tool so far, but I never stay with the same knife longer than a few years, so who knows what's next.

That blue tool with the screw bits is a delightful little screwdriver with every bit I could need for small to medium screws of any variety. It comes in handy for glasses and electronics repair.

Next I have an Apple braided c-c cable and wall brick. I mostly use this for my iPad (not pictured). But it can come in handy for my phone as well!

Nearing the end, I have a classic zippo. I don't smoke but you never know when you might need some fire. I also have my gum of choice, Trident Spearment. And a simple black sharpie.

What about the bag itself? §

The bag

Well, I don't know what bag this is specifically, as it was given to me as a gift, but I'd be happy to show a picture of it!

Physical notebook §


I also carry with me my physical notebook, which I've written an article about making. Combined with this notebook is my favorite pen, a Sarasa Mark-On. As well as my all time favorite pencil, the classic Autopoint all american. This pencil features a solid construction with absolutely no lead wiggle and a large eraser (I use Pentel eraser refills). Sadly, I don't know if these are still being manufactured.

Not pictured §

I have a few other items I carry with me every day that I didn't get a picture of. These include: