Now §

A periodically updated, high level overview of what I'm currently doing, experimenting with, learning, reading, or am otherwise interested in. For my weekly check-ins, take a look through my adventure log.

Occupation §

I am currently working as the Associate Director of Web Strategy at The University of Alabama.

Learning §

Thanks to work, I'm learning a lot more about WordPress and the Customizer. The majority of my development work for UA has been in the design system, but I've wanted to get more familiar with how our WordPress theme works too.

Lately, I've been learning more PHP and am getting started with Microsoft's graph API for a project at work.

Outside of work, I'm learning more about RemoteStorage and how I can implement it in my own apps.

Reading §

I'm currently reading I hate you, don't leave me. It is a book about Borderline Personality Disorder, which is a condition of one of my loved ones.

Down Time §

In my down time, I'm watching Metallic Rouge and playing with my color palette generator, ColorScale. I'm also playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Online.

Interests §

I'm currently really interested in sustainable and portable technology. I recently watched a really cool talk at Strange Loop by Devine Lu Linvega that has had me really inspired. I've been looking into permacomputing as a result of my recent delves into the internet rabbit hole.